Fields is a collaboration between myself and Sébastien Piquemal. We explore mobile technology as a medium for sound diffusion. Audience members can join in by simply connecting to a specific website with their mobile phone, laptop or tablet. The connected devices become an array of speakers that the performers can control live, resulting in an omni-directional sonic experience.


Fields has been performed at Cafe OTO (GBR), Islington Mill (GBR), ZDB (PRT), NK Project (DEU), NIME (USA) and Third Space (FIN).

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The piece doesn’t feature a stage. The performers are sitting among the audience. This intimate setup, is an attempt to demonstrate the potential for enhancement of communal listening through explorations of new aural contexts, and we hope it will become a shared and intimate environment for music listening.

A Year of Performing Fields

Fields at ZDB, Lisbon

Fields at The Mining Institute, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Fields at NK Projekt, Berlin

Fields at Arkadia Bookshop and Art Space, Helsinki

Fields)_( from Tim Shaw on Vimeo.

Demonstration Video for those who care….

Fields – Demonstration Video from Tim Shaw on Vimeo.

Fields has been kindly supported by Newcastle Institute for Creative Arts Practice and Sound and Music.