European Tour 2021

Objects at Hand (Opal Tapes) w/ Dirty Electronics [May 2021]

No Fades No Layers No Copy No Paste (Stellage) [March 2021]

Interview with Chris Watson – Walking Festival of Sound [February 2021]

Interview – LUFF [November 2020]

Tonalism w/ dublab [October 2020]

Interview – Neural Magazine [April 2020]

In Another Place (Takuroku) w/ Ryoko Akama & Anne-f Jacques [July 2020]TR055-Akama-Jacques-Shaw.jpg

Interview – The Field Recording Show [June 2020]

All Night Drone [May 2020]
on air w TIM SHAW 5-28 2

Qualities of Common Water [April 2020]

Śruti [April 2020]

Bell Studies [March 2020]

I Am Sitting In A Zoom w/ John Bowers [March 2020]

Ash and Wine (Industrial Coast) [February 2020]

Impossible Music (Field Recording Album) [February 2020]

UK Tour with Dirty Electronics [February 2020]

Performance at Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Novas Frequencias [December 2019]