Lixo no Lixo

Lixo no Lixo is a performative installation using found materials sourced from Brazil. This piece of work was developed as part of the Resilience Residency with Silo – Art and Rural Latitude. It is part of the Points of Failure performance series.



The work was performed at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro for Novas FrequeΜ‚ncias Festival 2019 and inside the abandoned casino in Serrinha do Alambari.


Lixo no Lixo featured a military horn speaker, bamboo, stones, water, drips from the roof of the old casino, light bulbs, spark gaps, motors, strings, hydrophones and smoke pellets.


“I am currently working in an abandoned casino in the rainforest developing some new performance work. I have decided, in solo performances, to work without field recordings and a laptop and to try to work with the space using sound objects, light and found materials. This is more satisfying for me as a performer at the moment.

The environmental sounds around here are amazing, (an intense frog chorus evening, loud nocturnal insects and hundreds of different birds). It’s a really complex listening environment. I guess I want to reflect that in my performance by building a listening space made with a mixture of materials and devices, some of which I find and make here and others which I bring with me. Also I am trying to approach performance spatially, placing stuff around the space and avoid just performing from behind a table.”

From an interview with We Make Money Not Art.

Each afternoon there would be an intense tropical rainstorm. The roof of the abandoned casino was full of holes and rainwater would fall into the workspace. I decided to implement these into the sound work by placing buckets, hydrophones and drip sensitive electronics below the where the water hit the ground.


Lixo no Lixo was kindly supported by Arts Council England and was developed in partnership with Brazilian partners Novas Frequencias and Silo – Art and Rural Latitude.