Performance [Various Venues Since 2014]

Murmurate at Gap in the Air – Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh © Chris Scott

Murmurate at Sight and Sound Festival, Eastern Bloc, Montreal, Canada

In Murmurate (previously named Fields) we play the sounds through the audience’s smartphones. It is a collaboration between myself and Sébastien Piquemal. The connected devices become an array of speakers that the performers can control live, resulting in an omni-directional sonic experience.


Murmurate at Mining Institute – Newcastle, UK © Ben Jeans Houghton

Murmurate has been performed around Europe and in the USA. Venues / Festivals / Events include:

  • Glasgow Film Festival (Glasgow, UK)
  • Cafe OTO (London, UK)
  • Wagga Wagga Art Gallery (New South Wales, Australia)
  • Edinburgh Entertainment Festival
  • MIT Media Lab (Cambridge, USA)
  • Eastern Bloc (Montreal, Canada)
  • Piksel (Bergen, Norway)
  • Stereolux (Nantes, France)
  • FACT (Liverpool, UK)
  • NK Projekt (Berlin, Germany)
  • ZDB (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Third Space (Helsinki, Finland)
  • Connect the Dots (Sheffield, UK)
  • Sanctuary Festival (Dumfries, UK)
  • Islington Mill (Manchester, UK)
  • Music Hackspace (London, UK)
  • Talbot Rice Gallery (Edinburgh, UK)
  • Grundy Art Gallery (Blackpool, UK)
  • Web Audio Conference (Paris, France)
  • New Interfaces for Musical Expression (Baton Rouge, USA)
  • Goldsmiths (London, UK)
  • Culture Lab (Newcastle, UK)
  • Durham Castle (Durham, UK)
  • Sussex University (Sussex, UK)
  • Green Door Store (Brighton, UK)
  • Louisiana (Bristol, UK)
  • International Computer Music Conference (Athens, Greece)

Murmurate at Connect the Dots, Sheffield, UK

Fields UK tour 2015

A Year of Performing Fields

Fields at ZDB, Lisbon

We have also presented this piece as a workshop at Goldsmiths, Connect the Dots, Stereolux and Piksel. The system is released as an open source project, instructions and information here:

A paper was published on Fields for NIME 2015 documenting our creative and technical approach: 

Murmurate has been kindly supported by New Media Scotland, Newcastle Institute for Creative Arts Practice, Culture Lab, The Creative Exchange and Sound and Music.