Sacrificial Floors with Dirty Electronics and Tetsuya Umeda – UK Tour [September 2018]

UK Tour with Dirty Electronics [February 2020]

UK / France Tour with Phill Niblock & John Bowers [April 2019]

Scandinavian Tour with Jacek Smolicki – Various Venues [2018]

UK Tour with Tetsuya Umeda and Dirty Electronics – Various Venues [2018]

UK Tour with Phill Niblock – Various Venues [2018]

Berlin Sensor with John Bowers – Spektrum, Berlin [2018]
Tim Shaw Spektrum Berlin January 2018-6427
Beyond the Museum – Shipley Art Gallery Gateshead, UK [March 2018]

Murmurate – Eastern Bloc, Montreal, Canada [September 2016]

Walk, Write, Repeat – AlgoMech Festival, Sheffield, UK [November 2016]

Murmurate – Connect the Dots, Sheffield, UK [November 2015]

Unfoldings – FACT, Liverpool, UK [October 2015]

Carboniferous – Sonic Pattern, Sheffield, UK [June 2015]

Fields – Various Venues Worldwide [Since 2014]

War Workings – Discovery Museum, Newcastle, UK [February 2015] 

Fields – Zé Dos Bois, Lisbon, Portugal [November 2014]


In performances Tim improvises with field recordings, microphones, modular synthesisers, sculptural loudspeakers and resonant sound objects which, when combined, create layered listening environments. He uses a variety of self-constructed technologies to playback and manipulate his recordings. The unfolding composition incorporates elements of uncertainty and indeterminacy processed through room acoustics, computational systems and networked infrastructures.

Konnekt – Duplex, Geneva w/ Martina Lussi
H or the Audience – Fri-Art, Fribourg w/ Martina Lussi
All Night Drone (8 hour drone) – dublab radio, LA (online)
A Midsummer Nights Drone – Radio Bal, Paris (online) w/ John Bowers and Rob Blazey
Points of Failure
 – IKLECTIK, London w/ Dirty Electronics
Points of Failure – DAI Hall, Huddersfield w/ Dirty Electronics
Points of Failure – Fuse Art Space, Bradford w/ Dirty Electronics
Points of Failure – Star and Shadow, Newcastle w/ Dirty Electronics
Points of Failure – Glad Cafe, Glasgow,  w/ Dirty Electronics & Ewa Justka

Lixo no Lixo – MAM, Rio, Brazil w / Novas Frequências
Lixo no Lixo
– Silo, Serrinha do Alambari, Brazil
Ambulation – CAMP, Aulus-les-Bains, France
Ambulation – Sonica Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ambulation – Full of Noises, Barrow-in-Furness, UK
Points of Failure – Garage MU, Paris
Points of Failure – ICCA, Moscow, Russia
Points of Failure – Le General, Paris
Walney Walk – Full of Noises, Barrow-in-Furness, UK
Sensing the Gap – Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle, UK
Mythogeosonics – IKLECTIK, London, UK
Mythogeosonics – Reid Concert Hall, Edinibugh, UK
Still – Klub Spatif, Warsaw, Poland
Still – Sanatorium, Sokolovsko, Poland
Microstructure – Full of Noises, Barrow-in-Furness, UK

Berlin Sensor – w/ John Bowers – Spektrum (Transmediale / CTM Vorspiel) Berlin, Germany
Ring Network (Performance) – New Ear Festival, New York City w/ Phill Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya
Beyond the Museum – w/ John Bowers – Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead, UK
Disrupted Witnessing (Performance) – w/ Jacek Smolicki – History of Bosnia Museum, Sarajevo, Bosnia
Disrupted Witnessing (Performance) – w/ Jacek Smolicki – Volkskundemuseum Wien, Vienna, Austria
UK Tour with Phill Niblock – Cafe OTO (London), Bradford Fuse, NAWR (Swansea), Glad Cafe (Glasgow) and Attenborough Centre (Brighton)
UK Tour with Tetsuya Umeda and Dirty Electronics – Northern Charter (Newcastle), Centrala (Birmingham), IKLEKTIK (London) and Arnolfini (Bristol)
Returning the Ear – Scandinavian Tour w/ Jacek Smolicki – Illutron (Copenhagen), Inter Arts Centre (Malmö) and Fylkingen (Stockholm)
Universal Transformation Machine w/ John Bowers – Piksel Festival, Hulen, Bergen, Norway
Mythogeosonics w/ John Bowers – Experimental Intermedia, New York, USA

Returning the EarTim Shaw & Jacek Smolicki – Northern Charter, Newcastle, UK
Interpretation of La Jetée by Chris Marker – Glasgow Film Festival, UK
SPAN with Novak Collective, ItsNiceThat, Google Design and Ed Carter, BALTIC, Gateshead, UK
Ring Network (Performance) – Telematic Hacking, DMU, Leicester, UK
Into the Woods – w/ John Bowers – Allenhead Comtemporary Arts, Northumberland, UK
Amble – Tim Shaw & Jacek Smolicki – Arc Residency, Romainmôtier, Switzerland

Mumurate – Tim Shaw & Sébastien Piquemal – FACT Liverpool, Stereolux Nantes, Eastern Bloc, Montreal
Remote – Tim Shaw & John Bowers – NEAR Festival, APO33, Nantes, France
Interpretation of La Jetée by Chris Marker – Edinburgh Entertainment Festival, UK
Returning the Ear – Tim Shaw & Jacek Smolicki – 4s, Barcelona, Spain
Intersect – Tim Shaw, FACT Liverpool, UK & Piksel Festival Bergen, Norway
A Midsummers Nights Drone – John Bowers and Tim Shaw, Allenheads, UK
Ambulation – Compass Festival, Leeds, UK

Unfoldings – John Bowers and Tim Shaw, FACT Liverpool, UK
Murmurate – Tim Shaw & Sébastien Piquemal, Dumfries and Galloway Forestry Commission, Scotland
Fields – Tim Shaw & Sébastien Piqemal
Performed at Café OTO (UK), NIME (USA), ZDB (PGL), NK Project (DE).
Sound Mirrors –  Tim Shaw, John Bowers & Ben Freeth.
Great Hall, Discovery Musuem, Newcastle, UK
Carboniferous – Tim Shaw & John Bowers Sonic Pattern – Sheffield, UK

Salient/Reentry – John Bowers & Tim Shaw Fort Process – Newhaven Fort, UK
Fields – Tim Shaw & Sébastien Piqemal, CTM Festival – HAU2, Berlin, DE (Music Makers Hack Lab)