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PhD Thesis
2019 – Tim Shaw
Listening Through Making: Artistic Approaches to Sound, Technology and Field Recording
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2016 – John Bowers, John Richards, Tim Shaw et al. (Best Paper)
One Knob To Rule Them All: Reductionist Interfaces for Expansionist Research – Proceedings of NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) 2016

2016 – Tim Shaw, Simon Bowen & John Bowers
Unfoldings – Muliple Explorations of Sound and Space – Proceedings of NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) 2016

2016 – John Bowers, Simon Bowen & Tim Shaw
Many Makings: Entangling Publics, Participation and Things in a Complex Collaborative Context – Proceedings of DIS (Designing Interactive Systems) 2016

2015 – Tim Shaw, John Bowers
Public Making: Artistic Strategies for Working with Collections, Technologies and Publics – Proceedings of ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Art) 2015

2015 – Tim Shaw, Sébastien Piquemal, John Bowers
Fields – An Exploration into the use of Mobile Devices as a Medium for Sound Diffusion – Proceedings of NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) 2015

2015 – Gabi Arrigoni, Tom Schofield, Tim Shaw & John Bowers
Prototyping Heritage: Collections, Materials and Emerging Approaches to Engagement.

2014 – John Bowers, Tim Shaw
Reappropriating Museum Collections: Performing Geology Specimens and Meterology Data as New Instruments for Musical Expression, Proceedings of NIME 2014 p. 175-178

Journal Articles
2015 – Martyn Hudson, Tim Shaw
Dead Logics and Worlds: Sound art and sonorous objects – Organised Sound, Cambridge University Press 2015