Work List


Performance – Berlin Sensor w/ John Bowers, SPEKTRUM, Berlin, transmediale/CTM Vorspiel
Performance – Ring Network w/ Katherine Liberovskaya, Fridman Gallery, New York, USA
Performance / Installation – w/ Jacek Smolicki – Disrupted Witnessing, Museum of History of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Bosnia
Performance w/ John Bowers – Beyond the Museum, Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead, UK
Residency (1 month) – ARC, Romainmôtier, Switzerland
Research – House of the Bell, ARC, Romainmôtier, Switzerland
Installation – Beacon Interval, OLMSpace, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Performance w/ Jacek Smolicki – Disrupted Witnessing, Volkskundemuseum, Vienna, Austria
Performance w/ Dirty Electronics – Telematic Hacking, Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece
Residency – CAMP, Aulus Les Bains, France,
Residency – The Spring Thing, ARC, Romainmôtier, Switzerland
Performance – A Midsummers Nights Drone – ACA, Allenheads, UK
Installation – Self-Build Utopias w/ Experimental Architecture and John Bowers, Northern Stage, Newcastle, UK
Performance – Drone Ensemble w/ Boiler House, Newcastle, UK


Installation w/ Jacek Smolicki – Disrupted Witnessing, Belgrade, Serbia
Performance / Installation – Telematic Hacking, DMU, Leicester, UK
Research Trip – Plural Heritages, Istanbul, Turkey
Soundwalk w/ James Davoll – Adlais Dorothea Quarry, Wales, UK
SPAN w/ Novak Collective and Ed Carter, Baltic, Gateshead, UK
REACH – Sanctuary Festival, Dumfries and Galloway, UK
Performance w/ Phill Niblock – Culture Lab, Newcastle, UK
Into The Woods w/ John Bowers – ACA, Allenheads, UK
Between Stillness and Storm w/ Aidan Moesby – Bluedot Festival, Jodrell Bank, UK
Performance w/ Dave Burraston, Culture Lab, Newcastle, UK
Returning the Ear w/ Jacek Smolicki, ARC, Romainmôtier, Switzerland
Name IT War w/ Jacek Smolicki, Belgrade, Serbia
Performance and Installation, Plain Changes – Heckington, UK
Installation – Collect/Diffuse – bb15, Linz, Austria
Performance w/ Heinz Riegler – bb15, Linz, Austria
Cinema Performance – La Jetée – Chris Maker (ReScore), Glasgow Film Festival, UK
Returning the Ear w/ Jacek Smolicki, Northern Charter, Newcastle, UK


Installation – Ring Network, The New Bridge Project, Newcastle, UK
Intersect, The New Bridge Project, Newcastle, UK
Intersect, Piksel Festival, Bergen, Norway
Ambulation – Compass Festival, Leeds, UK
WalkWriteRepeat – Millennium Gallery, Sheffield, UK
Murmurate – Eastern Bloc, Montreal, Canada
Performance – Remote Nantes, NEAR, Nantes, France
Residency – ARC, Romainmôtier, Switzerland
Installation – GUST, Fort Process, Newhaven, UK
Performance Walk – Returning the Ear, 4S, Barcelona, Spain
Installation – Freedom Portals, APO33, Nantes, France
Cinema Performance – La Jetée – Chris Maker (ReScore), Edinburgh, UK
Performance Walk – Intersect, Sonic Environments, Brisbane
Performance – Murmurate, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, Australia
Residency – The Wired Lab, New South Wales, Australia
Performance Walk – Intersect, FACT Liverpool, UK
Residency – FabLab Sunderland, UK
Archive Exploration – Re-Render, ISEA, Hong Kong
Installation – Gateshead Revisited, Sage Gateshead, UK
Performance – Murmurate, Cumberland Arms, Newcastle, UK
Performance – Murmurate, FACT, Liverpool, UK
Performance – Murmurate, Stereolux, Nantes, France
Residency – Stereolux, Nantes, France
Development – Warmth Sauna, London, UK
Installation – Lack, m20d Festival, Flachau, Austria
Installation – Gust, LGCA, Cwmbran, Wales


Performance – One Knob to Rule Them All, DMU, Leicester, UK
Hacklab – Abandon Normal Devices, This Way Up Hack, Manchester, UK
Performance – Rubix @ Vamos Social, Newcastle, UK
Remote Performance – MIT University, Boston, USA
Bergen Invocation @ Piksel Festival, Bergen, Norway
Performance – Fields @ Piksel Festival, Bergen, Norway
Remote Performance – Juventas, Boston, USA
Site Specific Performances – Transmit/Receive, Tyneside, UK
Workshop – Transmit/Receive, Discovery Museum, Newcastle, UK
Performance w/ Philip Jeck @ FACT, Liverpool, UK
Exhibition – Soundspaces @ FACT, Liverpool, UK
Performance & Workshop @ Connect the Dots, Sheffield, UK
Workshop – Sound Spaces @ FACT Liverpool, UK
Performance w/ OCELOT @ Northen Charter, Newcastle, UK
Performance @ Sanctuary, UK
Artist Residency – Uncanny Valley, Peak District, UK
Workshop – Sound Spaces @ FACT Liverpool, UK
Presentation @ ISEA, Vancouver, Canada
Performance @ Blue Rinse, Gateshead
Triptik Music @ the Cumberland Arms
Exhibition @ Fluorescent Arts Festival, Soho, London
Sound Design for 21,000 Miles of Rail by Hannah Butterfield, UK Tour
Performance @ Sonic Pattern, Sheffield
Performance @ NIME in Baton Rouge, USA
Presentation @ NIME in Baton Rouge, USA
Late Shows w/ OCELOT @ Cumberland Arms, Newcastle
Solo Performance @ Jam Jah, Durham
Fields UK Tour – 10 dates throughout April
Performance Walk @ RTD, Cambridge
Performance @ Algorave, Gateshead
Performance @ Discovery Museum w/ John Bowers
Installation @ Discovery Museum w/ Chris Watson
Performance of Fields, Mozilla HQ – Paris, France
Performance of Fields, Talbot Rice Gallery – Edinburgh, Scotland
A Yorkshire Hack, Digital Utopias – Hull, UK


Performance of Fields, ZDB – Lisbon, Portugal
Solo Performance with Grey Tapes, Earnests – Newcastle, UK
Performance at 404th Wall w/ John Bowers, Newbridge Project Space – Newcastle, UK
Technical Assistance – Spill Festival for John Bowers and Mehmet Sander
Performance of Fields and Solo Performance, Third Space – Helisinki, Finland
Performance of Fields, NordicCHI – Helisinki, Finland
Performance of Improvised Electronics w/ Rob Blazey, Mining Institute Newcastle
Performance of Fields, NK Project – Berlin, Germany
Performance of Fields – Athens, Greece
Performance at Fort Process – Newhaven Fort, UK
Sound Design for Sounds and Guts, Tender Buttons – Various Venues, UK
Augmented Sound Walk w/ Musee Imaginaire – Newcastle, UK
Installation – Spillage @ Hatton Gallery Newcastle
NIME Conference – London, UK
Sound Studies Conference – Copenhagen, Denmark
Performance of Fields, Mining Institute – Newcastle
CHI Games Jam – Toronto, Canada
DJ set at Steam Whistle Brewery – Toronto, Canada
Performance of Fields – Helsinki, Finland
Sound Design for It Burns it All Clean – Selina Thompson, Leeds, UK
Residency / Installation – Erractics @ the Pacitti Company with John Bowers, UK
CTM Music Makers Hacklab Berlin, Germany
Residency / Installation – Interglacial @ the Pacitti Company with John Bowers, UK


Installation – Sound and Seclution @ Work in Progress Festival, UK
Installation – Sound and Seclution @ University of Kent, UK
Installation – Sound and Seclution @ Victoria Tunnels, Newcastle, UK
Installation – The Sonic Cosmos @ The British Science Festival, Newcastle, UK
Performance at Barreirinha Bar, Madeira, Portugal
Pedra Sina Artist Residency, Madeira, Portugal
Sound Design for Alice in Bed – Tender Buttons, Newcastle, UK


DJ set @ Outlook Festival as Giant Sekoya, Pula, Croatia
DJ set @ WHQ with The Bug & Sully, Newcastle, UK
MIX for Selector Radio


DJ set @ WHQ with DJ Oneman & Sully
DJ set @ WHQ with Marcus Nasty & Sully
DJ set @ Outlook Festival as Giant Sekoya, Pula Croatia